The Cheeky Monkey

I have been holding back on this product because even though I think it is DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, semi-locally made (at least to me) and one of the tastiest things I have ever put in my mouth, I needed something to happen in my relationship with it to make me just HAVE to share it with you. And it has happened…

May I introduce you to…Cheeky Monkey..

Before today, I had enjoyed this wonderful dipping oil numerous times with a loaf of good, crusty bread torn into chunks which has been my preferred method, and with pasta tossed in it (very good too!). Today, however, this previously devoted to ranch salad dressing gal has officially begun a lifelong affair with Cheeky Monkey on her salads. PHENOMENAL! Only 56 calories/Tablespoon and with such amazing and strong flavors (as well as the KICK from the “Spicy” version) a little goes a looong way, and I am saving almost 100 calories per large lunch or dinner salad by breaking up to my ranch and following the ways of the Cheeky Monkey.

The website I linked below will show you all the retail locations you can purchase this at, and the prices at each location WILL vary greatly, but if you are in close range to a “Tops Friendly Market” most stores are now carrying Cheeky Monkey! My local Tops has it regularly priced at $6.50 / pouch (and well worth every single cent) but since they have started carrying it this summer, the price has been a great sale price of $4.99/pouch!!!! I have it stocked up in my freezer with plans to add to mys stash at this price as often as possible. At the very least, ORDER SOME! If you serve it to guests, they may not leave and you will be their favorite place to go for a meal or party!

By the way…did I mention that it is completely natural with whole REAL food ingredients and NO PRESERVATIVES or MSG! Needs to stay cold, but has a nice long shelf life when done so. Also freezes VERY well.

I LOVE being able to truthfully say things like that to you. 🙂

Seek the Cheeky Monkey and you will not regret it. 🙂


(P.S. the company or people that make Cheeky Monkey or other products related to them did not solicite or pay me to recommend this product. I just love them and wanted to share!)


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