Our Home Education Journey

We decided that we were going to home educate our children during our engagment. It has never been an option in my head or heart to send Miss A off to school. The thought of it makes me want to throw up to be quite honest. This by no way shape or form means that I don’t think ANYBODY should send their kids to public school! It just is not for us and our family or our childen. I LOVE and APPRECIATE public school teachers and all they do and have to put up with, as well as how they KEEP doing it while being so underpaid and under supplied. I won’t even get into WHY I dispise the public school system, I just do. ‘Nuff said.

Miss A just turned 4 years old on monday and we are now embarking on doing some “official” pre-school time each day. Mostly so she AND I can have the next year and a half to get both of us ready for her to start kindergarten. She is my only child that needs a normal education, and I intend to ROCK IT! I can and will learn her specific learning style and we will ENJOY this journey (okay maybe not enjoy it ALL the time, but we will try!) and this will be a wonderful adventure for our family! By the grace of God we are going to do this WELL!




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