Winter Funk

Hello late January, we meet again. All the signs of your arrival are here: wanting to sleep all day, lack of motivation, a messy house, a frustrated husband, epidemic-sized sickies swirling all around the pod home I keep my family in this time of year, deep thoughtfulness sometimes leading to sadness and a feeling of stir craziness, scrolling Pinterest for interesting fresh-veggie filled GRILLED meals to replace the ho-hum of winter dishes, the cabin fever, the literal daydreams of a fresh sun-soaked breeze and green vegetation outside…yep, you’ve arrived all right January! Counting down the days now…

In other news, we are still all healthy by the grace of God! HE IS GOOD! Not that He hasn’t given us the wisdom to be SUPER vigilant, but I give HIM full credit for that too! I am tweaking my eating a bit in that whereas I know that a completely sugar-free and gluten-free diet is completely unreasonable for me considering our lifestyle, I am eating both sugar and wheat in a very intentional way and as sparingly as possible, and educating myself on all the very simple ways I can sub out both. As I sit here drinking the fab DELICIOUS new healthful “faux-tea” my sister just introduced me to of 1 T. local honey, 1 T. Raw Apple Cider vinegar, a generous shake of cinnamon and boiling water to fill the mug, I make myself hold on to hope that the sun always returns, and that this powerful new drink may be just what I need added to my new exercise fun to add some vigor to my sense of wellness and vitality. A girl can always hope, and I always will!

I’m off to tend to the honey-do list I was left with this morning, but first I want to share a GREAT new recipe we tried for breakfast and it was so great that I made it a 2nd time today to try out a few alterations to give it a little more awesomeness…

The original recipe is linked below. My alterations:

~For the oil in the recipe, I melted the butter and dropped 2 tablespoons of room-temp coconut oil into the warm butter to cool it a bit before whisking it into the egg-milk mixture.
~I added 1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries at the very end.
~ The 2nd batch, I subbed 1/4 cup of maple syrup for half of the sugar it calls for. Great for sweetness but didn’t really taste it. I think next time I will try subbing ALL the sugar with either maple syrup, or get the added health benefit of local honey.
~The first batch I made with Quick oats, and it was GREAT, but 2nd batch I wanted to try out rolled oats. Worked just fine, but I think my family prefers the quick oats.
Can I just add that I LOVE that this recipe is gluten free! YAY!


…and there is PLENTY of beauty in TODAY if you are willing to see it.

Grace and Peace,


One thought on “Winter Funk

  1. I’m going to try this recipe with your tweaks tomorrow afternoon. Hoping Dad likes it enough to repeat once a week. I know what you feel like, you know that. That’s what I HATE most about winter. Praying your attempts are successful, girl!

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