She Had the Party, So It Must Be So…

My “baby” turned 5 years old last Tuesday. I am not sure why, but suddenly I feel SO. INCREDIBLY. OLD.
For some reason, this is the first of my kids birthday milestones that I feel a shift in time. In the past, it’s just another birthday and I still have a little kid so all is well. But this is different. I mean, her big brother is almost 7 years old, but his illness has made “normal” an oddity. Caring for him is like caring for a 60lb newborn, BUT he still feels like my big boy. He IS my big boy. My baby girl crossing that thresh hold into the first year of “big kid” seemed to be a large dose of reality…just because we feel like we are always waiting and life is on hold because of Andy’s illness, doesn’t mean life has stopped moving forward. It’s still careening into the future, and it’s taking my family with it. Kicking-and-screaming!

This is my little monkey girl around one year old. I think part of me will forever see her this way…{click}

This is my sweet little lady today, ready for her 5th birthday party. Another mental snapshot…{click}

This was her Mama-made birthday cake…

We had a sledding party! This year I let her pick the guests. She picked her cousins, and all were able to come except her Richmond cousins who we missed dearly. We had a GREAT time! Here, everyone is getting ready to race.

My sister and right hand gal, staying warm with her hot beverage.

Ryan, Isaak and Danny loaded up and ready to fly down the hill!

Alannah, Reese and their mama Heather ready to eat snow!

My little lady went freakishly fast at Mama’s push and insisted after two goes down the hill that she was DONE. But she stood at the top of the hill and cheered on all her crazy cousins in their fun and competitions! 🙂

Papa was teasing her that he was going to send her sailing. lol

Every debutant needs a wardrobe change at her party, so once we headed inside, she put on her gown (a flower girl dress she never got to wear for the intended wedding that we saved for her birthday party) I got a little choked up seeing her in this gown and looking so grown up. Today her 5th birthday party, tomorrow her prom or wedding…I WILL NOT let the years between slip by me un-noticed.

My right hand gal brought a basket full of boys dress-up clothes so almost all the kids got decked out in fun costumes! Here we have Captain America and Bumblebee from Transformers. 🙂

Nope, it’s REALLY Isaak and Danny!

Fabulous gifts!

The “Cousin Crew”. Captain America seems to have gone pseudo cowboy and developed a bad a$$ chip on his shoulder. LMBO

It’s official. The candle got blown out and 4 years old is just a memory…{click}

It was a wonderful day! We missed everyone who couldn’t make it, but my girl fell asleep exhausted, still sputtering from the lingering sugar rush, but smiling and knowing she is loved and has a strong group of kids who call her one of them and always will. For that I am severely thankful.

Bring it on FIVE


2 thoughts on “She Had the Party, So It Must Be So…

  1. YAY! Looks like you all had a great time. I love BOTH her outfits. And her Richmond cousins miss her very much.

  2. Five is so much fun! You will have a great time watching her form her own opinions and start to really learn about the world around her! Cherish the moments my friend, they grow up all too quickly and you stop for just a minute and realize they are almost adults! Take care and keep up the good work, Adrianne PS: Cute cake for a cute little girl : )

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