It Takes a Village…


A sweet message by one of my favorite “Golden Gals” in Christ, Sally Clarkson. Check out her website by going to the “I Take Joy” button in my sidebar. It’s a resounding theme in my life and the very existence of my little family. I honestly do not know HOW we would have come through the last 5+ years without the most insanely crazy and loving support system a human could ask for. I could go on and on with the details, but I won’t. Just an example, my pre-k scholar and I set out with a renewed charge to our home school journey today as kids across the country hopped onto the big yellow taxi themselves. It was a good day of learning and schoolwork considering we have been on hiatus for harvest/canning season and then the holidays! I was impressed by how far my student has absorbed and connected since we last met at the family table. I suppose that comes with a family lifestyle and commitment to those teachable moments. I am excited to head further down the path of our home education with this bright yet stubborn little lady, but just in the one hour we were working, I called one sister who is more of a seasoned mama-teacher than I to get reassurance for one area we were struggling in. As we completed and Alex headed off to enjoy her well earned pick of television show while I prepared our lunch, I phoned my other sister (also a more seasoned mama-teacher than I) and went over our school time and picked up some great pointers from her! When this child of mine graduates high school, it will most certainly be a combined victory of myself, her daddy, and her faithful aunties! I am SO thankful for this and it is comforting to know my own confidence does not have to be sky-high going into this, because I have an army of veteran mama-teachers encircling me.

I’m off to can up some delicious chicken stock that is currently simmering on my stove. It’s sweet to be canning again!


Happy days…



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