Eureka! Dinner Idea Moment…

Not sure why this quick, simple and healthy dinner idea never occured to me! Perhaps it has to you and I am just way behind, but I thought I’d share anyways!

Imagine your family gathered at the dinner table and you placing a large platter of DINNER NACHOS in front of them. Hear me out…

Cookie sheet (lined with tin foil for quick and easy cleanup!) Whole grain tortilla chips spread out in one or two lays deep, topped with either:

~taco meat (lean beef or turkey and your own homemade taco seasoning, if you don’t already have a recipe for this one will be posted at the bottom of the page. No excuses to buy the store-bought verson that has MSG and other crap in it)


~Steak or Chicken breast, rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with homemade taco seasoning, or salt, pepper, cumin and a pinch of Chipotle chili powder then baked, broiled or my favorite…GRILLED…then chopped small for good distribution


~Make it vegetarian with a layer of black beans or refried beans!


Spread a generous layer of your favorite shredded cheese or cheese blend

Place the whole sheet into a preheated oven at 325 degrees F… pull it out when the cheese is melted and the meat/beans/chips in the middle of the tray are hot. I imagine this to be around 5-10 minutes.

WHILE the oven is working it’s magic,

Cut up lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, corn, black beans, black olive slices, avocado, green peppers, jalapeno pepper rings, chopped fresh cilantro….ANYTHING you would love on your tacos!

REMOVE the hot pan of chips, meat/beans, and cheese and TOP with mounds of all the delicious fresh things you have ready!

Dollop with a modest bit of low fat or fat free sour cream, or you can skip the avocado earlier and make some delicious guacamole to modestly place on spots of this mountain of fresh-mex awesomeness!

Garnish with the chopped fresh cilantro and maybe lime wedges on the side for those who dig them…place this stunning food sculpture in the middle of your family dinner table and watch their eyes get HUGE. Then each person can scoop a bit onto their empty plate and go at it! Or perhaps you are having a dinner where you all just have napkins and you all pick at Mt. Fresh-Mex one chip at a time.

….but I’m just thinking out loud here. Maybe they would hate it and it is a horrible idea.

I don’t think so.

Now say one has eaters at her table that don’t like one of the elements, simply leave it off the whole thing, put it in a bowl on the side for those who do! 🙂

Yeaaaaaaahhhhh…..I think this is going on the next meal plan I make. I am already excited!

I am SUCH a food nerd. 😛


(Photo courtesy of Food Network and Rachel Ray)

Peace and good, healthy eating to your home,


*Link to a recipe for homemeade MSG and filler free taco seasoning: )


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