I’m BACK! Gearing up for a brand new series….


I know I have been gone for over a year, but it has been one heck of a year! Recent monetary changes are making me research, test recipes and really get VERY creative when it comes to our meal plans. Has left me with many months of not feeling very inspired or creative. However, now I have learned some tips and tricks, gained some experience, and I am really eager to share my new recipes and ideas for helping YOU do the same. No doubt with this economy, you too are left wondering how to put a healthy meal on the table, not to mention those of us that really need some quick and under 5 step meal ideas for those dinners following crazy days and evenings ,or when you just plain need a break. I became tired of my family suffering from lack of nutrition and quality, and/or spending what little we have on take out! So, here is the series…

“Simple Suppers: plan ahead, and make ahead, to get ahead!”

I am so excited! The first recipe is a basic but incredibly delicious Tomato Meat sauce that has very few steps and you can make a large batch to portion out into freezer bags or containers and freeze for months. Thaw out and heat in a saucepan while cooking up some pasta and maybe even throwing together a salad. Get the nutritional and taste benefit of a delicious and hearty homemade sauce, without having to think to far ahead. Also will be giving some great ideas on how to turn this sauce into a few different meal ideas. This will be posted by the end of the weekend! Yeaaay! Welcome back friends!



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