Giving Thanks and a HUGE Family Meal!


It’s the MOST wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeaaaaaar!   

 Tomorrow (at least in our home) is the beginning of “The most wonderful time of the year 2010” and I am STOKED!  Tomorrow you see, is exactly one week before Thanksgiving Day ’10! Meaning, I am in all-out holiday mode. Thanksgiving Dinner with my family is held here in my home because my loving and gracious family (Mom, Dad, Megan, Josh, Annie, Gabey, Ella, Stacie, Carl, Ryan and Isaak), love my litle son Andy so much that they are willing to come here so Andy can be in familiar surroundings with his bed, his Teletubbies DVD’s, his books, and his food and medicine all close by. 

All the parts of a beautiful and traditional family-style Thanksgiving dinner are divided up between myself, my mom, and my two beautiful sisters. My busy week ahead will be filled with preparing my home with cleanliness, organization, and decorations, as well as deciding the method of cooking the turkey, making some special, sweet, suprise treats and activities for my nieces and nephews (if there is time), making sure my serveware is cleaned and ready for action and the table linens are cleaned and pressed  to perfection. To top off my preparations will be my infamous sweet potato casserole, a from scratch green bean casserole, and  two pumpkin pies that are ready to be crowned with real whipped cream and bless the tummies of those I love. Sound like alot? It is. Will it be as perfect as I have it in my head. Probley not, but lets be honest, everyone has a Norman Rockwell Thanksgivng in mind around mid-November. It’s good to have goals. 

 God has been SO good to me and my family this year. Celebrating with a feast and gratitude overflowing in our hearts is about as good as it gets!



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