7 months!

Today is a very special landmark day! Buddy hasn’t had a grand mal seizure for 7 months!!!! God is GOOD! This even happened without even having to raise his meds since last summer.  Even though I don’t know “normal” and maybe never will, but I can feel myself remembering to breath more, try to do things besides survive, think about things other than seizures.  I find myself smiling more, wanting to create order in my home more instead of just not caring.  It’s like some sun has broken through into the valley of the shadow of death…maybe in this new refreshing light, we will find the path that leads out of it, instead of being stuck in it without the ability to find ANY roads going ANYWHERE. I don’t think one is supposed to reside in the valley of the shadow of death, just pass through it, but it’s an easy place to lose your way and not be able to see more than the step right in front of you.. Only by the Grace and Healing of Jesus.


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