A fresh start, a second chance. 2010?

Yesterday was Miss A’s first birthday! Happy Birthday my sweet little girl…
Sometime during the night, 12:00am to be exact, we entered into a new year. I, as well as the three others in my home, were tucked in bed for the night. I was doped up on cold medicine because I knew Andy was coming down with a cold and I needed to make sure I was not exhausted this morning from a sleepless night of my own stuffiness and congestion I could feel creeping up. Must have been a good plan cause I slept like a rock, even with a couple wake-ups during the night from Andy’s croupy cough. I am rested and hitting the ground running with almost no symptoms of my own cold…so far so good. Smoothie for Andy because it’s packed with vitamin-c and antibiotics and chicken simmering in it’s stock on the stove for chicken noodle soup for lunch…probley dinner too.

So what does 2010 hold in store?  I don’t usually make New Years resolutions because they are like a diet of deprivation…just asking to be unsucessful. I know that today begins my last chance at losing the weight I have gained over the past 11 years. I know you (blog reader person) are rolling your eyes and thinking ” ah yes, the good ‘ol New Years diet…blah blah blah.” Well, that’s the beauty of blogging…I don’t care what you think and I can say what I like here and not worry about your judgments. :o)  What’s the difference this time you ask? The most important factor! My husband is in on it with me. That has NEVER happened. I’ve always been alone in my journey and having to cook for him like always and bring home or make the snacks and ice cream ect. Not this time! Also, this is my last chance. Women in my family don’t lose weight after 30 without medical intervention, eating disorders or smoking. (with 1 or 2 exceptions) I will be 30 years old in April 2011 and if I have not won this battle with weight by that time, I am throwing in the towel. I have a reasonable plan in place and with the ACTIVE  support of my husband and alot of hard work, I will not reach 30 with this baggage. Most likely my journey will be blogged. Happy New Year!


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