For those of you that were following my food blog, I was having a hard time with Blogspot so I moved here. Plus, a food blog only was hard for me to do becuase there are weeks that I just don’t have the food passion inspiration because my soul is filled with more important things, but still wanted to blog because I did have alot going on in my life. Also, Blogspot makes people join to leave comments and I don’t believe wordpress does. There will still be blogs about my “Romance” with good food, and learning the pleasure and purpose of it, as well as recipes and ideas. However, I also will be sharing about my journey through life. My struggle with being the mommy of a son with so many struggles with health and development, and the hope that I cling to that this will all be over someday soon through his healing by God, being the mommy of a very sweet but challenging little girl, and my ever present tug-of-war with the disappointments of my flesh and selfishness, as well as my triumphs in hope and perserverence. I hope my followers will stick with me, and new friends will join me for the ride.


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